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12 Inspiring Speakers


The Marriage Conference has been created for YOU…

All of us are looking for purpose and meaning in our lives and with ever growing problems all we need are solutions and the Marriage Conference offers you precisely this. The Marriage Conference is unique as its a global event that offers solutions for those who are:

  1. Single and looking to get into a marriage
  2. Married and want a more happier marriage
  3. Having issues and want to resolve them in their marriage

The Marriage Conference will also offer:

  • Workshops
  • Muslimah Lifestyle
  • Soul Seekers
  • Counseling
  • Wedding Expo
  • Kids Zone
  • Discovery Zone


Make the right decision by attending this conference with your family and make your marriage a Happy Marriage.


“Seeing you happy”


“To strengthen the bond of marriage”


“To ensure happy marriages, make happy families”

The Program



Think you know everything about marriage? Wrong! Think again! We guarantee you that you will learn something new when you attend.

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Marriage is about having fun, so we aim to entertain you with competitions, laughter, tears & joy along with amazing performances for you to remember.



An in-depth analysis on a range of marriage subjects that effect us all and a list of practical solutions to help us engage and maintain a healthy marriage.


Soul Seekers

Looking for a marriage partner but have’nt had any luck? Let us help you with Soul Seekers; a halal marriage matchmaking facilitation service.


Wedding Expo

Looking to get married? Then let us assist you by offering you a wide range of wedding services including, catering, clothes and wedding planners.

muslimah lifestyle 1

Muslimah Lifestyle

Get upclose and personal with your favourite make up artist or the latest Modest fashion trend setters and bloggers. An essential zone for todays women.



Private counseling sessions with selected speakers &  counselors to help you solve your differences and enjoy a happier marriage.


Speakers Corner

Get up close and personal with our speakers and ask them the questions that have always mattered to you, no topic is off limits.

Children Filled-100

Kids Zone

While you enjoy the day, let your children benefit from exciting and creative programs dedicated just for them to help promote happy families.


Discovery Zone

A zone led by Artists, Performers & Counselors for teengers who are embarking on the discovery of Sex, Drugs, Relationships and Music.


Our Speakers

"Love: overrated by the Youth, underrated by Society, not practised enough by married couples."

Zohra Sarwari

Marriage Author

"You do everything you can to make your marriage work, before you quit."


Yahya Ibrahim

Love Master

"Obedience to Allah instills Divinely induced love between the husband & the wife and their families"

Maryam Lemu

Marriage Generalisimmo

"Marriage is a looooong journey with turns, detours, potholes and obstacles but can have a beautiful destination"


Zahir Mahmood

Marriage Mentor

"My wife is a sunflower and not a rose, only blossoming upon the arrival of the SUN"

Salma Yaqoob

Marriage Activist

"A beautiful marriage is a sanctuary for our flawed selves whilst inspiring us to be our best"

Daood Butt

Love Facilitator

"Never fall asleep without forgiving the one whom you love, nor wake up without a honeymoon!"

Zaheerah Bham – Ismail

Woman Advocate

"There is much greatness within each of us. So let your light shine! It's within you!"

Edris Khamissa

Love Guru

"Love is blind and yet love is not deaf. Learn the special art of loving communication"

Saadiya Rahman

Marriage Influencer

"In English, she is as a ‘Housewife’, in Arabic ‘Rabbaitul Bait’ or ‘The Queen of the house"

Zuhair Girach

Love Therapist

“The greatest distance between spouses is caused by emotions”

“The greatest distance between spouses

Asma Elbadawi

Love Activist

"Marriage is a sacred journey in which one must find the balance between being selfish & selfless"

Aerosol Ali

Love Artist

"Marriage is an art form; an ancient craft that will take an entire lifetime to master"

Kathryn Irrgang

Marriage Philosopher

"Both have a part to play in marriage, just make sure you are the star."

Cleveland Watkiss

Marriage Jedi

"When two people are joined together, they now become ONE"

"When two people are

"Good parenting is a balance of love, commitment and communication"

"Good parenting is a

Faisal Salah

Groove Guru

“Marriage is the song of choice,  2 souls entering a union forming the chorus of life”

Essam Muhammad

Moroccon Delight

"Falling in Lust isn't falling in Love" "Falling in Lust isn't falling in Love Love Love"

Tommy Evans

Love Poet

"Love Poet extrodinaire, explores relationships & emotions with wit, imagination & expression!"

Naveed Ahmed

Youth Mentor

"My wife and I always compromise. I admit I'm wrong and she agrees with me"

Reminders from the Qur'an and Sunnah

Ticket Price

Kids Zone

For 5 – 12 years of Age
Limited Availability
Kids Activities
Supervised Sessions


Event Day Ticket
Limited Availability
Expo & Counseling
NO Soul Seekers


For 12 – 18 years of Age
Limited Availability
No Main Hall Access
Interactive Sessions
Private Counseling

Soul Seekers

Singles & Divorcees Only
Limited Participants
Registration Compulsory
Access To All Areas
Wali’s Welcome


VIP Seating Section
Lunch with Speakers
Free Ebook After Event
Access To All Areas
NO Soul Seekers

Schedule Saturday, 21 April 2018

Download the program card so you can plan out your experience with us at this years Marriage Conference at the ICC, Birmingham.

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