Shazia is a certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach, NLP practitioner, Aesthetician, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and a Hijamah practitioner.

She has worked in the Holistic Health & Beauty industry for over 25 years during which time she has had her own successful clinic in central London for over 12 years.

Shazia has been practicing Hijamah for over 10 years whilst also coaching her clients into better health and living. During her time in Malaysia as the Amirah of Al-Kauthar Institute, and the owner & designer of the Muslimah fashion brand HAYAA for over 5yrs, she has experienced working, training & mentoring many women from diverse backgrounds.

Shazia has a diploma in Islamic studies and is a holder of 3 Ijazat in the sciences of Tajweed and Qir’at, and has been teaching international students on how to better their recitation of the Noble Quran for over 6 years. She has played a critical role in supporting global dawah initiatives in over 10 countries by training volunteers worldwide with the aim of impacting communities and facilitating positive change.

Shazia loves traveling and has been fortunate to visit over 65 countries so far. She believes that traveling helps us to broaden our horizons, understand and connect more deeply with the World and our Creator. She believes life needs to be a healthy balance of “Deen & Dunya”, not compromising one over the other.

Shazia has always strived to be healthy in all aspects of her life and is passionate about helping people become the best and the most amazing version of themselves.