Nazrana is a dynamic, creative, and adaptable Conflict Specialist, Author, Speaker, Coach and Counsellor, with international experience. She is an articulate, diplomatic, and experienced communicator with an “uncanny ability to diagnose”.  Nazrana is consistently seeking knowledge and working to the highest professional standards.

With passion, is the way she inspires and empowers those she works with to push themselves beyond their comfort zone. Her “gentle yet no nonsense” approach challenges them to step up to their potential to be conscious and evolved human beings.  Although calm and gentle in her demeanour, she has been called “The Iron Maiden” by many of her clients because of her inner strength to walk with them on their difficult journeys.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, educated in Cape Town and London, lived, and worked in London, Mumbai, and Johannesburg, travelled extensively to over 25 countries, Nazrana is what you would call a truly multi-cultural individual with global experience.

After obtaining distinctions in both her bachelor’s and master’s Degrees in Marketing and Communications, she went on to gain international experience in the fields of public relations, ccommunications, healthcare, wellness, anger and stress management, trauma, training and development, facilitation, coaching, mentoring, human behaviour, strategy development, stakeholder, and economic relations.  As a seeker of knowledge, she is further trained in Anger and Stress Management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Trauma Release Exercises, Psycho-Neuro Immunology, Counselling, Coaching, Breath, and Energy Work.

Her experience spans successfully working with street cleaners, CEOs, celebrities, housewives, couples, children, diplomats, families, war veterans and in some instances, royalty.

Combining all her knowledge and experience in communications, wellness, trauma, coaching, anger and stress, Nazrana has created The Inside-Out Method, a contemporary and cutting-edge programme which has been adapted to deal with the daily wars we face on a practical level and in the modern world.  It is a programme for everybody across all walks of life, which aims for the ultimate culmination of simplicity and daily personal mastery, covering stress, anger, conflict, trauma, resilience, wellness, and leadership development.

Her book “Pre-Marital Conversations and Beyond” written with Edris Khamissa sold out and the second edition is now available for orders.

Nazrana’ s intention is clear – it is to serve, to communicate, to educate and to navigate people toward building peaceful and long-lasting relationships within the world we all inhabit.