Sajid is an author, serial and social entrepreneur, philanthropist, mentor, trainer and public speaker known globally as the “Marriage Maestro”.  Born, raised and educated in the UK, from a young age Sajid has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Sajid began his professional life as a consultant working for major financial blue-chip corporations around the world including Wall Street, City of London & the finance district of Moscow. Sajid moved to Malaysia in 2008 with his wife where he started a new chapter of community service and philanthropy.

Sajid has always been an avid traveller having visited over 91 countries to date, and where he began his journey to understand people and cultures.  Having adopted Kuala Lumpur as his home he began to develop various programs that were of community benefit, organising events and conferences that catered for the needs of the Malaysian people.  Sajid ran a successful charity for 5 years during which he was responsible for launching women shelters, feeding the poor & homeless, educating the masses and engaging the youth.

Sajid began to identify gaps in the market and identified niche areas, which he soon began crafting solutions for.  One of his most recent initiatives is the hugely successful Marriage Conference events that recognise the needs of young people to find a suitable partner and offered counselling services to those encountering difficulties in their marriages. Sajid has since replicated this concept across the world and operates in 12 countries within 4 years including Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa and United Kingdom whilst exploring entry into the USA and beyond.

Sajid also developed and created the concept of Soul Seekers a matchmaking service that helps singles, divorcees, widows and the disabled to find suitable marriage partners in a controlled and halal environment. With success rates as high as 45% and operating in 9 countries around the world, Soul Seekers has become the ideal matchmaking service that caters for the needs of the community.

As well as being a global speaker on a range of topics from Entrepreneurship, Marriage & Relationships, Philanthropy and the Arts, Sajid has delivered many exciting and captivating talks engaging the youth, addressing global media and promoting Muslim identity. Sajid’s motto is “You live once, you live best, help the rest”