Arshiya Ismail is the founder of Heart to Heart Centre. She is a certified and experienced Life and Relationship Coach & Facilitator, skilled in various modalities of Life and Relationship Coaching including Holistic Health.

A Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Skills Coach, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique and Indian Head Massage. She is currently pursuing a qualification in Trauma Counselling.

She also holds a Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Studies and has over a decade of experience as an Islamic Science educator, working closely with both adults and children.

She offers faith-based coaching. A coaching style that transforms her client’s relationship with their Creator, themselves and their loved ones. Her focus is to facilitate individuals and couples to navigate through their life and relationship challenges optimally. She supports agility for change thus equips her clients with tools to meet the client's goal.

She offers support to:

  1. Singles and divorcees to overcome barriers to love and marriage;
  2. Premarital individuals and couples to ascertain compatibility and prepare for a successful marriage;
  3. Individuals and couples to overcome their marital challenges.

She has conducted the following workshops:

  1. Creating a Vision Board
  2. Creating Being Board
  3. Building Phenomenal Self-Confidence 4.Let’s Talk Communication!
  4. Clearing The Path to Marriage

She offers:

  1. Motivational and wellness talks on various platforms.
  2. Training to business corporations and SME’s.
  3. Training to organisations and educational institutions
  4. Radio interview with local and national radio stations.


  • Islamic spirituality
  • Life and Relationship Coaching

She sees her ability to support people to improve the quality of their lives and their relationships as a blessing. It brings her much joy and peace to witness their transformation. She loves serving her Creator by being in the service of man.