“The greatest distance between spouses is caused by emotions”

Zuhair is the founder of Aafiyah Healing; a alternative healing modality focussing on physical and emotional problems. He has successfully taught the art of Aafiyah Energy and Emotional Healing across the UK and globally.

Zuhair is a charismatic trainer who delivers “life transforming” workshops and seminars on various disciplines of Healing, Mental Health and Wellbeing. He is also a Qualified Clinical Psycho-Hypnotherapist, counsellor and Hijama therapist.

Zuhair is known for the ability to readily identify his clients’ underlying emotional root problems and proceed to effectively combine various healing techniques and therapies to promote ‘deep healing’ and emotional releases, ultimately leading to holistic well-being.

He offers personal and couples counselling to help deal with conflict in marriage and focusses on core issues such as anger management and identifying behaviour traits that may help to bring peace into the relationship.

For more information visit www.aafiyahhealing.com