“Marriage is not about you its about your other half”

Mujahid is professionally an educator who acquired his Phd in Early childhood Education from Mcgraw University, US and studied Masters Degree in Educational administration and Planning and Bachelor degree in Education and Islamic studies in Usman Danfodio University, Nigeria. Mujahid is also graduated with a Phd in Educational management, planning option from Kampala International University, Uganda. . He also has post graduate diplomas in Psychology, Project management, Peace and Conflict resolution.

Othman Mujahid was once a curriculum specialist at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development incharge of Islamic Religious Education and Islamic Integrated Education program .While at the KIE he was also the head of training section and resource management. He was also a Principal of Islamic Teachers College and the head of curriculum instruction and educational management and Lecturer Pwani University.

Mujahid has been very active in areas of conflict resolution and peace building both in Kenya and outside Kenya.He has worked as a consultant trainer in PVE and CVE with a number of organizations including KTI, Public affairs office, US Embassy, SUPKEM, Kenya Community support centre, Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance, MUHURI, RUSI, UNDP, The National Centre for Security studies.He is an author, a trainer and a motivational speaker.

Among his contributions in in the field Violent extremism Mujahid has carried out research on the drivers of VE ,developed Training manuals for Teachers youth and Women and has trained over 500 Imams and Madrassah Teachers on PVE and CVE particularly on in the area of Countering Violent Extremism, Women. He has been involved greatly in mentoring youth and developing different programs on helping in-school and out of school youth on issues of radicalization.

He participated in the regional security personnel training program and has organized a number of trainings to promote positive relationship between Community and police, youth and police and he has organized training to promote community police against violent extremism particularly along the coastal regions.

Mujahid has recently developed a pocket book on Countering Violent extremism that is soon going to be published for use by police officer, Sermon guide for Imams and youth Empowerment Guide on Countering violence Extremism. The documents are to be printed by KECOSCE and RUSI respectively. He has also developed a handbook on Countering violent extremism for madrassah teachers that was Published by the Public affairs Section US Embassy. Youth curriculum for de radicalization and Entrepreneurship.