“Never make the same mistake twice…”

Founder & President of YAWAR BAIG & ASSOCIATES™, International Speaker, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator specializing in Leadership in Family Businesses, enabling the critical transition from being ‘Person-driven to becoming Process-driven’ to create Enduring Leadership ©. Yawar applies his own experience of working both in family businesses and global MNCs to show business families how to grow, yet stay together. In his words, “It’s more about family than about business”. He works with prominent family businesses in India and South Africa in the role of Life Coach and Mentor. His skill of working effectively across boundaries of culture, making Eastern values blend with Western systems, is his USP. His personal style reflects openness, competence, and value based professionalism. He speaks 5 languages. Yawar has designed and implemented interventions in many global organizations based on the application of Leadership & Management fundamentals in an experiential learning format, to enhance knowledge and skill application.