“In English, she is as a ‘Housewife’, in Arabic ‘Rabbaitul Bait’ or ‘The Queen of the house”

Saadiya Rahman is a make up artist, influencer & blogger based in the UK & UAE.
She was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire into a hard working home with 5 siblings and influenced by her mother’s creativity who specialised in asian clothing & was also influenced by her elders sisters eye for fashion & beauty.
Saadiya married in 2008 and has 2 children and is known online for being a succesful muslim woman who is a talented make up artist, a wife and a mother balancing her work and private life, whilst being an innovative advocate for modest fashion.
Her expertise is in bridal make up & hair and has many young woman following her who are about to take one of the most important steps in theire lives “MARRIAGE”, she feels she has great responsibility when it comes to portraying a positive yet honest represenatation of life after marriage.
She regurlarly engages with her followers with regards to “Muslim Womans Lifestyle After Marriage” and shares her own experiences and posts tutorials from Day 1 after marriage to cooking recipes.
Saadiya has achieved a great deal in the last 4 years and has worked with many well known companies such as Selfridges, Nyx, Sephora, Fenti Beauty, Huda Beauty, My Beauty Fest Dubai, Emaar Dubai, Gerrard Cosmetics & many more. She has a following of over 250k on Instagram & receives over 100k views on Snapchat, she has also launched her Youtube channel and gained just under 10k subscribers over 2 months.