“For successful marriage, you must fall in love again and again, but always with the same person”

Ovais Mangalwala is an award winning documentary filmmaker, TV presenter, producer and actor, working for Express News Television, Pakistan. He is also a social media celebrity known for his social and religious satire based skit series “Kaha Suna Maaf”.

With Masters degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, he has a diverse background of working in the Information Technology, Banking, Education and media industry. Ovais has also studied theatre arts formally at the National Academy of Performing Arts, Karachi and has performed in several theatre plays in Pakistan and abroad.

Ovais is regularly invited by universities in Pakistan and abroad for speaking on Pakistan’s media. Twice, he has received the Babar Ali scholarship to present his papers on new media and journalism at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA. Ovais is also associated with several media studies universities as Adjunct Faculty member. He recently won the Excellence in Journalism Award by IBA-Centre for Excellence in Journalism in the Health Journalism category.