“Either live by what you are learning or it will become difficult for you to live”

Asim Ismail, founder and Principal of Fajr Academy and Alwasila Trust, is an international trainer and consultant. With a diverse experience in the field of publishing, education and social work, his passion and research is focused upon the educational model in Islam.

He served as the founding Head of Islamic Department at the ‘Reflections School’ from 2007 to 2011, where he successfully tested several initiatives that he now brings to Fajr Academy. Along with that he is the founder and head of Rozgar Scheme (micro finance), Markaz-e-Shifa which aims to provide health care services, founder of Alwasila Disaster Management and Rehen Sehen Program – a program that redirects clutter to those deprived by refurbishing it.

Asim Ismail is also a trainer and has trained staff of different schools and parents for the last 10 years. He has visited and provided consulting and training in South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Turkey, Finland, Somalia, UAE and within Pakistan.