Talent Search

Allah swt has given us all a gift but many of us live life without even realising what our gift is. As such we are on a mission to help millions discover what their gift is and in order to do that we bring you the Youth Talent Search. Over the years the Ilm Arts Festival¬†has identified new and creative talents that have become a shining role model for many within our communities. We are excited to announce that we will be doing the Talent Search competition from within the community and the lucky winners will be given a prize and stage time with some of the world’s best Artists, Speakers and Performers.

The rules to enter are simple:

  • FREE entry for participants
  • Competing genres include Nasheeds, Recitation & Poetry
  • Winners gets stage time at IAF and Rs 1000 cash prize
  • The winning establishment will also get recognition & prize of R1500
  • Competition open to¬†age groups:
    • 8-12 years
    • 13-15 years
    • 16-18 years



  • Stage 1 – School/Madrasah auditions participants by Sun 9th July
  • Stage 2 – State auditions on Sun 16th July – Venue to be confirmed
  • Stage 3 – Finalist auditions will be at 3:30pm – 6pm @ Sandton Convention Centre


Join us and thousands of like aspiring individuals for the Youth Talent Search event that is to take place this year at the Marriage Conference in South Africa.