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24 Inspiring Speakers


The Marriage Conference has been created for YOU…

All of us are looking for meaning in our lives. This marriage conference is unique, because it goes far beyond issues related to marriage. It will give you purpose and a renewed understanding of the most beautiful example of marriage of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW (PBUH).


  1. Personal development
  2. Improving your marriage
  3. Relationship with your children
  4. Relationship with your in-laws
  5. Develop better communication skills
  6. Add happiness & value to all your relationships

The Marriage Conference is an amazing event which is bigger and better than ever before. Once you buy a ticket for the Marriage Conference you will be able to benefit from the following:

  1. Marriage Conference Talks & Workshops
  2. Muslimah Lifestyle (Sister Only / Limited Seats)
  3. Expo
  4. Ilm Arts Festival
  5. Youth Talent Auditions
  6. Soul Seekers (Limited Seats)

Due to popular demand and great value for the whole family tickets are selling fast and are limited, so hurry and BUY yours now.


“Seeing you happy”


“To strengthen the bond of marriage”


“To help ensure Happy Marriages, make happy families”

The Program



Think you know everything about marriage? Wrong! Think again! We guarantee you that you will learn something new when you attend.

Theatre Mask Filled-100 (1)


Marriage is about having fun, so we aim to entertain you with competitions, laughter, tears & joy along with amazing performances for you to remember.



An in-depth analysis on a range of marriage subjects that effect us all and a list of practical solutions to help us engage and maintain a healthy marriage.



Private counseling sessions with selected speakers and marriage counselors to help you solve your differences and enjoy a happier marriage.



Looking to get married? Then let us assist you by offering you a wide range of wedding services including, catering, clothes and wedding planners.


Youth Zone

This zone engages the Youth to discuss real issues that they are facing and allows them to express themselves freely and openly without being judged.

Children Filled-100

Kids Zone

While you enjoy the talks let your children benefit from exciting and creative programs dedicated just for them and delivered by our team and scholars.


Soul Seekers

Looking for a marriage partner? Don’t know how to find one? Let us help you with Soul Seekers; a halal marriage matchmaking facilitation service.


Speakers Corner

Get up close and personal with our speakers and ask them the questions that have always mattered to you. No topic is off limits.

Event Zones


Marriage Conference

We believe that one of the most defining decisions that you will make in your life is getting married and more importantly staying happily married. The marriage conference brings together leading specialists and thinkers who through the use of wisdom and humor, will empower you with the toolkit of beliefs, skills and behaviors necessary to build a marriage which is connected with Allah SWT and His Noble Messenger Muhammad SAW, resulting in joy, happiness and love that lasts and grows in this world and the Hereafter Insha-Allah.

It also encompasses a Soul Seekers corner with the primary focus to help potential marriage partners in a controlled and respectful environment.


Ilm Arts Festival

We are a group of people who are passionate about knowledge, arts and culture. We live, breath and explore the richness of Islamic culture and its contribution towards humankind over centuries. Ilm Arts brings together a platform of the world’s most recognized artists of Quran, Nasheed, Comedy, Spoken Word and many more genres.

For the first time ever, the Ilm Arts Festival is giving the opportunity to our communities in developing the next rising stars through the Talent Show. Your attendance at the Ilm Arts Festival is certain to be an entertaining, meaningful and purposeful one.



The Souk is a multicultural shopping extravaganza where you and your families can amble through a range of pop up stores offering a wide variety of unique and special gifts ranging from clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts and the latest fashion accessories. There will also be a Bloggers and Sisters corner where you can hang out with your friends and some of South Africa’s leading bloggers.


Muslimah Lifestyle Expo

This is a premier sisters only event specifically designed to cater to the holistic lifestyle needs of the busy Muslimah. It incorporates a panel discussion where relevant marriage related topics and Question and Answer sessions will take place conducted by experts. Sisters will also get sneak previews towards the latest cutting-edge fashion trends.


Our Speakers

Yahya Ibrahim

Love Master

"Obedience to Allah instills Divinely induced love between the husband & the wife and their families"

Ml Ebrahim Bham

Marriage Speaker

"Marriage is beautiful but it's hard work if you want to make it an enjoyable one"

Edris Khamissa

Love Guru

"Love is blind and yet love is not deaf. Learn the special art of loving communication"

Daood Butt

Love Facilitator

"Never fall asleep without forgiving the one whom you love, nor wake up without a honeymoon!"

Zohra Sarwari

Marriage Author

"You do everything you can to make your marriage work, before you quit."


Aerosol Ali

Love Artist

"Marriage is an art form; an ancient craft that will take an entire lifetime to master"

Dr Haifaa Younis

Love Doctor

"Marriage is all about human relationships in Islam"

Dr Haifaa Younis is a graduate

Haleh Banani

Marriage Doctor

"Swallow your pride, take ownership of your mistake, correct the wrong in order to transform your marriage!"

Sis. Lauren Booth

Marriage Advocate

"Marriage is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get"

Sh. Yawar Baig

Life Coach

"Never make the same mistake twice..."

Sh. Yawar Baig

Sh. Yawar

Sh. Alaa El Sayed

Marriage Maker

"Marriage is about completing one another, not competing with each other"

Sheikh Alaa was

"There is much greatness within each of us. So let your light shine! It's within you!"

Sis. Roshan Isaacs

Trend Setter

"The meeting of two souls, divinely connected so they may find solace and companionship in the other"

Sh. Zahir Mahmood

Marriage Mentor

"My wife is a sunflower and not a rose, only blossoming upon the arrival of the SUN"

Wael Ibrahim

Marriage Minder

"You can get free WiFi, but a righteous WIFE is priceless"

Wael Ibrahim is

Moulana Sulaimaan Ravat

Marriage Presenter

“Foundation of a successful marriage is Taqwa. If Allah is happy with you, you will be happy”

Sh. Sadullah Khan

Marriage Master

"In the garden of marriage, despite the thorns of challenges, flowers of love could bloom"

Ust. Fuzail Soofie

Marriage Guru

"The best spouse is one who understands that marriage is a blessing that needs to be cherished"

Ziyaad Dadabhay

Marriage Promoter

"Happiness is a chemical state and marriage is it's laboratory"

Ust. Ziyaad Dadabhay

Faisal Salah

Groove Guru

“Marriage is the song of choice,  2 souls entering a union forming the chorus of life”

Amman Muhammad

Money Minder

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”

Dr Farouk Haffejee

Love Physician

"Sexual relations with all its ramifications play a very vital role in a successful marriage"

Moulana Junaid Kharsany

Marriage Researcher

"One of the few samples of Paradise, experienced in this life is a successful marriage"

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Download the program card so you can plan out your experience with us at this years Marriage Conference at Johannesburg.

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Access to All Areas
Muslimah Lifestyle (Ladies Only)
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Access to All Areas
Muslimah Lifestyle (Ladies Only)
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No Access to Main Hall
Participate in all Kids Activities
Team Building & Self Development
Limited Availability

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