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The Marriage Conference brings many to attend and seek solutions for the issues they encounter in their lives and as such after extensive feedback from our sisters within the community we present to you Muslimah Lifestyle.

Muslimah Lifestyle is created for the sisters, managed by the sisters in order to promote sisterhood and address issues that are relevant to Muslimahs. The Muslimah Lifestyle event is a celebration of femininity, sisterhood and an appreciation of being a woman. It is a reminder that we are unique, fabulous, and instrument in the societies in which we live.

We are all effected by western influences including, Media, Fashion and Education and to some extent the Muslimah identity is being stolen from us. As a result we believe we need to engage and showcase the Muslimah identity and modest dressing for the sole purpose of encouragement and empowerment.

Join us and thousands of like minded sisters for the Muslimah Lifestyle event that is to take place this year at the Marriage Conference in South Africa.

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This Event is for FEMALES ONLY

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